International Research Initiative on International Investment Law 2015

The Report has been submitted to the government and is available here. Please send your comments at or tell the authors directly at +91-8960505261.


The First International Research Initiative was organized by Society for Research in Law [HEREINAFTER SRIL], a student-based organization [a society registered under Societies Registration Act,  1860). SRIL has been formed primarily for three goals: to facilitate, encourage and conduct  meaningful research in the field of international law. With the growing relevance and influence of international law in the Indian context, we at SRIL believe that there is an urgent need to direct, initiate, and consolidate research and debate on important international law issues in
the country. SRIL has already conducted a successful Essay Competition on International Criminal Law in 2014-15.

SRIL’s research initiatives will aim to bring together experts, professionals, and students to work through various projects on contemporary issues of international law. SRIL selected the Model Text for Indian Bilateral Investment Treaty released for public comments by the Indian government [HEREINAFTER MODEL TEXT] as their first research project [HEREINAFTER PROJECT] since protection of foreign investors is both an economically significant and politically sensitive issue of crucial importance to the country. This report is the first product of this Project, and intends to provide comments and suggestions to the Indian Government based on an in-depth
research and analysis of the Model Text from international investment law perspective. The report addresses both issues relating to policy concerns surrounding foreign investor protection as well as the legal and interpretational issues likely to arise in light of the provisions of the Model Text.
The Project was conducted under the guidance of Mr. Sumit Rai (Senior Associate, Economic Laws Practice, Mumbai), who completed the Geneva Masters in International Dispute Settlement (MIDS, LL.M) in 2010-11 and has been working for about 8 years inter alia in the field of international investment law. Mr. Abhishek Dwivedi, a fourth year student of the National Law University (Lucknow) and the Founder-President of SRIL co-ordinated the Project. The research team was selected through a two-stage interview process and comprised of Ms. Tanaya Sethi ( 5thyear, National Law University, Raipur), Ms. Swastika Chakravarti (2nd year, National Law University, Odisha), Ms. Shruthi Pillai (2nd year, National Law University, Odisha) and Mr. Yash Deora (5thyear, National Law University, Odisha).



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