Essay on International Criminal Law 2015

SRIl Essay Competition 2015 Final

The submissions to the essay competition are no longer accepted. The received essays will be subjected to a three stage review process. We will notify the authors on 30th March 2015 about the status of their essays. 

The First

CJIL International Legal Essay Competition

of 2014

(An initiative of Society for Research In Law)

With the inception of the SRIL, a society dedicated to fostering and facilitating research in the field of Law, we are proud to present our flagship essay competition under its constituent committee Centre for Jurisprudence in International Law (CJIL), in association with Neeraj Associates, a full service law firm from Lucknow.

The theme of this year’s Competition is International Criminal Law. The sub-themes are as follows:

    1. Pre-trial concerns (for example: Right to Self Representation)
    1. Role of a Prosecutor of the ICC
    2. Modes of Liability & Specialized defences
    3. Plea Bargaining

    (Authors can also analyse a particular case-law in terms of the process followed by the concerned tribunal/court and the lacunae observed. For e.g.: the Tadic judgment, or the Germain Katanga case, Lubanga case, Radovan Kardizic case)


    1. Customs of War
    2. Individual Criminal Liability
    3. The role of Tribunals and Specialized courts in adjudication of war crimes
    4. Gender crimes during war
    5. Ethnic cleansing
    6. Difficulties in proving genocidal intentions
    7. Raising & usage of Paramilitary organizations, Police services & Unauthorized Militia


    1. Definition of terrorism: A critical appraisal
    2. State support to terrorism
    3. Jurisdiction to try a captured pirate
    4. Prosecution

To be noted: Topics falling outside the scope of the sub-themes but within the broader theme of International Criminal Law may be considered based on merit and quality of submission.

Submission Guidelines

  1. The World Limit is 4000-4500 words.
  2. Authors must strictly adhere to guidelines, failing which their submissions may not be considered.
  3. The author(s) is/are required to attach a Covering Letter containing all personal details (Name of the author/s, their degrees, Designation, Name of College/University/Institution, Postal Address, Phone Number and E-mail ID) in separate document with the entry.
  4. The author must also attach a letter with an undertaking as to guarantee of originality.
  5. All submissions must be attached with the email in Microsoft Word (.doc/.docx) format.
  6. The Entry must be typewritten in the font: Times New Roman, Font Size: 12, Line Spacing: 0 and justified alignment.
  7. The Citations must be typewritten in the font: Times New Roman, Font Size: 10, Line Spacing: 0 and justified alignment.
  8. Citation style must be uniform.


  1. Students pursuing a 3 year LL.B. course or 5 year integrated LL.B. course, in India and equivalent Undergraduate law degree, abroad.
  2. Students pursuing LL.M. or Ph.D.; and/or Professionals are barred from participation in the Competition.

Miscellaneous Rules

  1. The copyright for all entries shall vest with the organisers who herewith reserve the right to modify, postpone or defer the competition and its adjudication indefinitely as and when exigencies of an unforeseen nature may arise.
  2. Any attempt, direct or indirect, to contact the panel of judges will be met with immediate disqualification of the relevant entry.

Participation Guidelines

  1. Co-authorship of entries is strictly not allowed.
  2. Multiple entries for individual authors are not allowed.
  3. A participant may submit an entry related to ONE subtheme ONLY. One may not juxtapose subthemes in an entry.


All entries may be sent to:

The deadline for submission of entries is January 15th, 2015.

(Entries received till December 19th, 2014 will be accepted with late penalties)


Winner: Rs. 7000

First Runner up- 5000

Certificates of Appreciation for the top 10 entries which get shortlisted and certificate of participation to all other entries.


For any queries email us at:

Contact Persons:

Akansha Mehta: +91 8860906998
Mohnaa Srivastava: +91 9650639318


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