About Us

The Society for Research in Law (SRIL) is a student-based organisation created primary for three goals: to facilitate, encourage and conduct meaningful research in the field of International Law. With the growing relevance and influence of IL in legal affairs across the country, we at SRIL believe that the need to consolidate this untapped potential for research has never been greater.

SRIL as an organisation intends to bring together students and academicians alike in a coherent effort towards creating repositories and platforms for the development of International Law through conferences, seminars, essay competitions and publications. What makes SRIL unique is its objective to create a network among law students in the country through which students may be allowed to foster a culture of research in this field. We at SRIL believe that India has a pivotal role to play in the progress of public and private International Law and that in order to spear-head this progress there is a need utilise the immense potential law students have to offer.

Through SRIL we hope to encourage academic discussion, cultural exchange of ideas and to generally provide a forum for students to actively pursue an interest in international law. The idea is to put legal research at the forefront in a public domain for people seeking to be benefitted from such research.